• Fence Repair

    Let Us Fix YourFence!

    Your fence has many enemies: insects, moisture, time and WEATHER. Fort Worth weather can take a great toll on a wood fence. There's and old saying in Texas: "If you don't like the weather here, just wait about twenty minutes and it'll change." The weather here has extreme fluctuations. We deal with tremendous heat during the summer, and ususally very little rain. Fall and winter can go from freezing to eighty degrees in 48 hours. During Spring (and really throughout the year) there is a steady threat of thunderstorms, hail, strong winds and tornadoes. The majority of our repair jobs come from warm weather storms. If your fence has taken a beating and needs some TLC, let our experts come look to see the best options for returning your fence to it's old self. We take great care to make sure the wood style, and colors match as close as possible so it will look like nothing ever happened.

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